The personal year 9 in numerology

Know what’s in store for your personal year 9

This is a time of stocktaking and questioning. This is the year that brings the 9 year cycle to a close.

Emotionally tested by the last 8 years, you will now be confronted with events that are directly dependent on what you have sown in the past. Beware: the main components of a new way of life will gradually become part of your daily routine. Take advantage of this final year to sort out what’s been dragging you down, to complete a project or, on the contrary, to end a relationship that’s getting on your nerves.

Numerologists don’t recommend taking initiatives in the medium or long term, as there is a risk of failure. Be content with setting ambitious but realistic goals: these will be your roadmap for the next cycle. Emotionally, you’ll alternate between elation and mild depression: what could be more logical in a year in which you take stock of your successes and failures? Did your personal year-end calculation come up with a 9? Then read on.

Personal Year 9 : poor form and vulnerability

Episodes of temporary fatigue, lack of concentration, mood swings and unstable sleep… you’re not at the top of your game. If you take a fairly positive view of the 8 years of your cycle, your relative lack of physical fitness will be offset by the sweet feeling of a job well done. If, on the other hand, you feel you’ve missed the boat during this cycle, avoid feeling sorry for yourself and prepare for the future by learning the necessary lessons. The risk of somatisation is increased here because of your vulnerability: eczema, digestive problems, rheumatism, osteoarthritis and hypochondria can make life difficult for you. Regular, moderate-intensity exercise can help you get rid of these health problems. Choose outdoor activities to get out of your deep introspection.

Year 9 : Networking and broadening horizons

Professionally, Personal Year 9 is all about networking! Take advantage of the lull in the office to meet new people from different backgrounds. This way, you’ll be ready for the first year of the next cycle to launch your boldest projects! It’s time to refresh your ideas and catch up with the latest developments in the world of entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship. If there are opportunities to travel abroad and your finances allow it, don’t turn them down. These travels are likely to lead to great opportunities in the medium to long term. Personal Year 9 is also the year when contracts end and partnerships are challenged.

Putting an end to latent problems

This year you’ll feel overwhelmed by an intense compassion that will drive the most motivated to get involved in a local humanitarian cause. Be careful, however, not to suppress your personal melancholy: don’t see community work as an escape from your everyday life. This could make you forget your own personal needs. This turbulent year will test your resistance to stress. Use your past successes to re-motivate yourself. If you’ve developed a healthy and solid spiritual base over the past few years, you’ll have no trouble meeting the challenges of this year.

The personal year 9 is also the one that will bring back to the table latent problems that you’ve been neglecting: interpersonal conflicts, legal issues, health problems… Unpleasant or unhappy memories will resurface: this is a sign that they need to be healed in order to free your mind and make way for happiness and inner peace. Inaccurate beliefs will become easier to identify: take this opportunity to replace them with your new truths. Certain distressing situations will be resolved, bringing you great relief. Make a mark every time you get rid of an uncomfortable situation: run, swim, travel. To make the most of this year, which completes your 9-year cycle, realise that your past mistakes were inevitable: you owe them to your wisdom, experience and maturity.

Finishing what needs to be finished to make way for the new

The weight of your emotions is getting heavier and heavier: it’s time to make peace with your past. If anger, resentment, anxiety or sadness interfere with your daily life to such an extent that your quality of life is affected, don’t deny them. Make sure that these signs of depression are not hiding something deeper. Denial is no longer an option, especially at the end of your cycle. Nothing new will happen in Personal Year 9 until the necessary endings take place. If you force new projects without letting go of what no longer makes sense, you will experience astonishing failures.

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