The personal year 8 in numerology

Know what’s in store for your personal year 8

In numerology, the personal number 8 is the year of the harvest, the year of expected or hoped-for concrete results. It’s the year of rewards.

You’ll finally be able to capitalise on what you’ve learned and experienced, while discarding what has become shaky. You’ll feel the need to (re)value yourself and achieve things that seemed impossible. In Year 8, it’s time to put your knowledge to use and assert yourself in your professional environment. Your efforts will finally be rewarded this year. Your daring attempts will be crowned with success. The desire to succeed will be fierce and will contrast with the passivity of the previous year.

Of course, impatience and pressure will be the order of the day, but ideas and projects will come thick and fast, driven by your desire to take the initiative and put into practice what you’ve learned over the past few years. You’re likely to overdo it. So it’s a year of positive pressure, where the desire to do well will win out over the obstacles that stand in your way.

Personal Year 8 : Professional Consecration

If you’re in a position of power, beware of abuse or you’ll be in for a rude awakening on a personal level. The path of dishonesty will lead directly and immediately to the loss of a job, emotional repercussions or even stinging regret.

The first quarter will bring a marked improvement on the sluggishness of Personal Year 7. Be reassured: your plans will go according to plan and you’ll be well equipped to grow your nest egg. Don’t be too hasty. In Personal Year 8, rash decisions will be the brakes that prevent you from making money and getting a return on your investment. Your potential for career advancement will become very real. You’ll be described as ‘brilliant’ and ‘amazing’ at work. Whatever sector you’re in, the economic climate, the context or a combination of circumstances will open up some opportunities for you to step into. This new status must not affect the maturity you have acquired over the last few years. Remain humble and see success as the logical and expected outcome of your past efforts.

Year 8 : double or nothing

The vibrations of the 8 are such that they emphasise both success and failure. Be cautious about taking risks and avoid excessive adventure. Karmically, the 8th year will be an extension of the whirlwind of your 4th personal year. If it is basically negative, this year can be marred by losses, disappointments and accidents.

For numerologists, Year 8 is the year that puts a damper on upstart and overly materialistic minds. It is bound to complicate the lives of those who make others take responsibility for their actions. Like the spelling of the number 8, this personal year is twofold: it brilliantly embodies the complementarity (rather than duality) that exists between the earthly and the spiritual. Social and professional success, the exercise of power and rewards cannot arise and endure without a spiritual underpinning whose purpose is the expansion, fulfilment and realisation of oneself and others. To bring this penultimate year of the nine-year cycle to a successful conclusion, embrace your power and strive to improve your own situation as well as that of your community.

Some damage to your love life

On the sentimental front, you are in for a complicated year. You’ll have to juggle two extremes. Your professional breakthroughs will not be without damage to your love life. Moderate your demands and make sure you don’t transfer your professional ambitions to your other half. Singles will be more open to experimentation and will use the game of seduction as a further demonstration of their new power. Year 8 could lead to the beginning of a relationship for singles, with the key being a secure marriage.

Some minor health problems

The rest you gave your body during Personal Year 7 was a great help. You’re attacking your goals with gusto. But make sure you keep up this active listening to your body, at the risk of suffering some minor digestive or heart ailments. Use this active period to work on your self-discipline and to establish a quality lifestyle. This will determine your chances of achieving your goals, as will the close relationship you’ll develop with your partner.

If you’re still plagued by addictions, it may be time to drown them out by focusing on your personal ambitions. Remember that Year 8 is also the year of accidents, from simple food poisoning to road traffic accidents. Be vigilant.

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