The personal year 7 in numerology

Knowing what to expect in a personal year 7

The 7th encourages us to slow down, reflect and ask some essential questions about our lives. If you’re feeling overwhelmed (and can afford to be), this is the ideal time to take a sabbatical, which will do you a lot of good. During Personal Year 7 you withdraw into yourself until you can see things more clearly, take stock and step back to get back on track.

Year 7 evokes a pause, accompanied by a sense of loneliness, even frustration. This is not necessarily a bad thing: this year brings fewer commitments than the previous one. All we have to do is let fate take its course and adapt to the unexpected, without trying to control or change things. Small gifts from the heavens will come sparingly, so appreciate them for what they’re worth. For numerologists, year 7 is the year of “lucky” problems: the loss of a job you subconsciously cursed, the estrangement of someone close to you who caused you grief, the loss of a loved one who took up too much of your attention, and so on. If the calculation of your personal year has resulted in a 7, read on…

Personal Year 7 and the slowing down of the body

You are now in the last third of the 9 year cycle. This is a time of awakening, of spiritual evolution. On the earthly, real level, routine is taking its course, though the calm is only apparent. Expect episodes of fatigue, tiredness and sleep disturbances that reflect your insecurities. Your rest periods will be noticeably longer, as if to mark your repose. Personal Year 7 will be more mental than physical. Your body will slow down a little. Beware: this context is favourable for the emergence of a little depression. Stay attuned to your senses and watch out for signs of loss of desire or interest in the things you were passionate about a few months ago.

Year 7 : Professional and financial stability

If you’re offered a job during this year, consider all your options before accepting. For numerologists, Personal Year 7 will not bring any dazzling developments or spectacular progress. At most, small rewards will brighten up a rather gloomy daily routine. It’s also the year that will free you from a heavy file, an intense period of hard work or a problematic colleague. Take advantage of this year to make some changes to your daily routine, improve the way you work or share your knowledge through writing or teaching. Financially, this is not the time for big splurges. You’ll need to be careful and rationalise your spending. You may get a few lucky breaks, but they won’t drastically change your situation. Beware of going on a shopping spree this year that is unlikely to satisfy your desires.

Personal Year 7 and the simple things in life

On the romantic front, you may need to take a break. You’ll probably feel the need to take a step back without questioning your relationship or those around you. Your interpersonal relationships are stable and comforting. Make time for your social life and friendships, which will play a crucial role in the near future. Personal Year 7 will force you to become aware of the hegemony of the individual. This is a parenthesis of spiritual growth that suspends material goals. You’ll develop a sudden interest in the simple things in life. By taking the time to anchor the roots of your inner life through mediation and relaxation, you will gradually develop your intuition without being aware of it. This ability will then become an invaluable asset to your success in the near future.

Patience : a key word

Don’t worry about things you can’t control. Accept a certain amount of randomness around you and welcome the unexpected with wisdom. You will discover the good side of solitude: it’s the only way to listen to your inner guide. Your thoughts will become the cement of your existence. Dark thoughts must be banished with force. Otherwise, you’ll feel the pinch at the first sign of trouble. In Personal Year 7 you are where you need to be. If you’ve allowed negative thoughts and bad vibes to take control of you, it’s too late to get rid of them. Don’t feel sorry for yourself or force things. Instead, take the time to appreciate all that you’ve achieved so far. Your key word this year is PATIENCE.

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