The personal year 6 in numerology

Knowing what to expect in a personal year 6

The famous Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen deserves the award for the best sentence that sums up Person Year 6. Ibsen said: “The community is a boat. Everyone must be ready to take the helm.

In practical terms, Year 6 will remind you that survival remains our most primitive instinct, no matter how sophisticated we are. When we feel threatened, we are capable of taking the most drastic action with astonishing strength. There are three paths open to you this year as you complete the second third of your nine-year cycle.

To the left and right you have what are known as the unstable margins, the opposite extremes. In the middle is the central path of balance. And this is where you need to focus. Year 6 will be the year in which you become aware of your duties and responsibilities. In the numerology of personal years, 6 is the year of ‘adulthood’.

Personal Year 6: The Year of Responsibility

In your 6th personal year you will begin to feel a strong need for autonomy. From now on you will want to establish your place in the world. This is likely to be the year when you bond with another person, or at least become aware that you are responsible for someone else’s well-being. So you’ll have to find a way to balance their situation with your own, even if it means making concessions. Year 6 is a year of adjustment and sacrifice. This goes hand in hand with your new responsibilities. You’ll need to show an unusual amount of patience, compassion, empathy and understanding.

Year 6: Sentimental stability

In this sixth year you’ll return to love and matters of the heart, this time with a more committed, mature approach. There may be talk of marriage, family, children, parents, home, education and security. The joys of personal life predominate, but problems are never far away. You will learn, sometimes at your expense, the relationship between love and control, love and guilt, love and fear, love and attraction, love and hate. Love cannot be bought, sold, manipulated or controlled. Don’t forget that love is harmless. It’s the absence of love that hurts. Some insecurities and complexes will undoubtedly surface. You won’t have any particular difficulty in dealing with them, or even turning them into a strength. You’ve evolved, you’ve grown.

Relearning how to say “no”

Avoid making promises you can’t keep. After proving themselves by excelling in their first major responsibilities, people in the sixth personal year may want to take on certain responsibilities even though they are not their own. The result: in order not to damage his credibility and aura, he will gradually give up his own needs to satisfy those of others. Resentment and frustration will inevitably follow. Although you’ll have your own problems, you’ll feel like a counsellor to everyone around you.

Your magnetic energy is so strong that it will draw people to you, even strangers. Be careful: don’t encourage anyone to become unnecessarily dependent on you. Don’t let your need to volunteer interfere with your priorities. Know how to say no. This goal is modified by your need to be seen as a reliable person who can be counted on. You find it comforting to know that you are “approved” and that you belong to a certain privileged circle. To get out of this situation, which is not serving your goals, you need to stop judging yourself. You also need to stop applying society’s own reading of you. Stop seeking the approval of others and follow your own criteria. To make the most of this 6th personal year, you’ll need to take stock of your priorities. Getting your priorities right is essential to your self-fulfilment.

The power of positive thinking

The 6th personal year will bring you some social success. The magnetic force is on your side. It will serve you in many ways, but it can quickly create more problems than solutions. You tend to attract opportunities as well as dangerous situations. Look for problems and you’ll find them. The power of positive thinking is crucial here: use it well. Replace what remains of your fanciful and utopian beliefs with more realistic ones, in keeping with your new sense of responsibility. When it comes to solving your problems, opt for peaceful solutions without making concessions that are not in your best interests.

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