The personal year 4 in numerology

Know what’s in store for your personal year 4

The first third of your 9 year cycle is complete. Now it’s time for the second. Personal Year 4 revolves around three main concepts:

A sense of ‘smart’ initiative ;
The ability to build ;
Order and pragmatism.

As you enter the second third of your 9-year cycle, you’ll need to reawaken your Cartesian mind, your sense of pragmatism and your ability to concentrate. The devil is in the detail; you’ll have proof of this in Personal Year 4.

Your determination and motivation will continue to be your greatest assets. After a first third rich in projects, you may have accumulated some frustration due to certain setbacks. This is the time to let them go and concentrate on the right things. Remain flexible and open to all the opportunities that your environment has to offer. Compared to the previous years, 4 is rather slow and sluggish. There is no rush here, but rather a long evolution and a lot of consistency. Year 4 will give you a breather: it’s the ideal time to dust off those projects you’ve been putting on hold. On the organisational front, don’t neglect the small tasks that will free your mind: take the time to sort through your administrative documents, throw away paperwork you no longer need and tidy up your home.

Personal Year 4 : Acquire the emotional intelligence you lack

As the year progresses, you need to develop a clear and precise vision of what you want to achieve professionally. Make a firm commitment to achieve it, in front of your nearest and dearest if necessary. But don’t be unrealistic. Cut yourself some slack and avoid setting the bar too high. Avoid working too hard, too fast. Otherwise you’ll get frustrated and end the 4th personal year on a bad note. Don’t hesitate to review and change your priorities during the year. Don’t see this as a failure, but as a necessary effort to adapt.

The 4th year responds favourably to the strength of your will, but also to the authenticity of your feelings. Denial of your frustrations imprisons your will and prevents you from moving forward. Your will is fed by reality, even when that reality hurts you. In the end, your emotional range is simply a natural response to reality. Of course, you may want to keep your feelings to yourself when circumstances demand a show of stability and strength. In the long run, however, your success will depend on your ability to take full responsibility for your feelings, but also to acquire the emotional intelligence needed to express them in the best possible way.

Year 4 : The year of focused, intelligent change

The slowness of the 4th personal year will also be effective on a personal level. Those closest to you will be grateful and sometimes in awe of your achievements. They will give you all the support you’ve been hoping for. Use this year to make the changes you feel are necessary in your home. In general, anything you don’t like about your daily routine will need to be reviewed during Personal Year 4.

Good” energy, the kind that enables you to bring your projects to fruition, needs a specific, realistic and clear goal in order to take action. Good energy is easy to channel. It responds best to routine (or regularity), efficiency, order and organisation. During this year you will have boundaries that are difficult to cross. Accept this and wait it out. If you feel frustrated by the limitations imposed on you by your environment, remember that the essence of human will is acceptance. The best quote of Personal Year 4 comes from the American actress Helen Hayes: “This is not the time to cling to what was, but the time to change what is”. Something to think about!

More strategic, less operational

In personal year 3 you learned the virtues of optimism. The three years of the first third of your cycle have taught you to trust your instincts and not to suppress your desire for change. Personal Year 4 will help you to develop your ability to chart a course, to set the main directions for the coming years. To use the terminology of the business world, you’re no longer just operational. You are now able to work strategically by setting long-term goals. Once you’ve accepted the immutable limits imposed on you by this 4th personal year, you’ll become clearer and more realistic. You’ll have a better chance of shaping your reality.

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