Personal year in numerology : Explanations

Unlike the life path, which is immutable and fixed in time, the personal year is a variable that changes every year. Knowing how far you’ve progressed in the 9-year cycle will shed light on your path. Consulting your Personal Year is like asking about the weather before a long journey. You’ll know when to speed up, when to slow down. When to keep going, when to stop. To calculate your Personal Year, add your day and month of birth to the current year. Gradually reduce the number to a number between 1 and 9, in the numerological tradition.


Personal years in numerology


Personal year 1

This is the year of daring and risk-taking par excellence. This is the time to start projects that have been dormant for longer than is reasonable. Determination and confidence will be your best assets in this year of risk-taking. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone: the vibrations are in your favour and your colleagues will be receptive to your contributions in the office. Personal Year 1 is the one that sets the stage for the 8 that follow: it’s now or never !


Personal year 2

A logical extension of the first, Personal Year 2 will bring your projects to a successful conclusion. You’ll gain maturity and wisdom, and your euphoria will be drastically tempered. You’ll need to demonstrate a sense of moderation, both personally and professionally. 2nd is also the year of confrontation: adopt a consensual attitude and compromise instead. Your aim is to ensure the continuity of your projects and to strive for slow but steady growth. Think of 2nd as a year to consolidate what you’ve already achieved. Limit risk-taking and arm yourself with patience.

Personal year 3

This is the year that completes the first third of your 9 year cycle. Personal Year 3 is the year of creativity and a touch of madness. It is time for you to explore your surroundings, try new things and get off the beaten track. After a rather flat second year, you’ll need to indulge your desire for emancipation by putting your desires first. Personal Year 3 is also the year of a slight reassessment, without dramatisation. You’ll have at least one opportunity to feel happy and fulfilled in a way you’ve never felt before.

Personal year 4

Now it’s time for the second third of your 9-year cycle. Pay attention right from the start. They say the devil is in the details. Sharpen your Cartesian mind and your sense of pragmatism. Personal year 4 is said to be tedious, slow and sluggish. Those who see the glass as half full will see this as an opportunity to rest. Take the opportunity to let go of the frustrations of the last three years and sort out your commitments. Avoid going too far too fast. The context and the economic climate don’t lend themselves to that. In business terms, Personal Year 4 is about strategic thinking, not operational action.

Personal year 5

Look back to move forward. That’s the motto for anyone entering Personal Year 5. You’re now halfway through your nine-year cycle: you’ve done the first four years, and you’ll have just as many to go by the end of this year. The number 5 symbolises variety, discovery and a change of scenery. Dare to be exotic without losing sight of reality. Prepare yourself for a major change in your life: for some it will come head-on, for others in small, gradual steps. Each month of the 5th personal year will give you the opportunity to recognise a mistake, a time-consuming task without purpose, a waste of time. For numerologists, the 5th personal year lends itself to conceptual projects: an idea, a project or a child.

Personal year 6

You’re at a crossroads this year, completing the second third of your nine-year cycle. You can choose between the two paths of extremes and the path of centre and balance. It’s the latter that you need to take. In practical terms, you’re not giving up your ambitions, but you’re becoming more aware of your responsibilities and duties. You need emotional stability at this time. Perhaps it’s time to consider crowning a lasting relationship with marriage, a successful marriage with a child, etc. After the first 5 years, if you’ve managed to make the best of your situation, you’ll be the object of envy: learn to say “no” and avoid taking on the work and mistakes of others. Personal Year 6 is also the year of positive thinking.

Personal year 7

You’ll feel a slight slump as your body slows down. Routine will take its course, albeit with a few episodes of temporary fatigue and a feeling of weariness. Accept this little slump and use it to find peace of mind. This new situation makes you vulnerable to depression: be aware of any loss of pleasure or desire to avoid sinking. Personal Year 7 does not hold any dazzling developments for you. This is not the time for spending sprees, but rather for financial rationalisation. Relationships will remain stable and peaceful.

Personal year 8

This is the time of harvest, of concrete results. Personal Year 8 is the year of achievement. Your efforts will finally be recognised by your peers and those around you. You’ll be full of energy. The challenge will be to channel your efforts so that you do not spread yourself too thin. Professionally, you’ll shine brightly, inspiring both admiration and jealousy. Keep an eye on your micro-environment: it will open gaps for you. Don’t give up your hard-won maturity over the past few years. Although hard-won, your success remains fragile. Remain humble and don’t lose touch with reality.

Personal year 9

This is the year that brings the 9 year cycle to an end. It’s a time of stocktaking and questioning. Depending on how the current cycle has unfolded, you’ve been more or less tested, both emotionally and physically. Now it’s time to sort out the unfinished business and prepare for the new cycle. Personal Year 9 will leave you feeling a little under the weather, with some mood and sleep problems. Don’t push yourself: you’re not in the best frame of mind for this adventure. Those who have ‘made it’ will appreciate the feeling of a job well done.