Personal Year 1 in Numerology

Knowing what’s ahead for your personal year 1

To calculate your personal year, all you have to do is add up the three elements: your day of birth, your month of birth and the current year, respecting, of course, the rules of numerological calculation (add up the different digits that make up the same number, don’t split the master numbers, etc.). Unlike the Life Path, which is an unchanging, constant number (it depends on your date of birth, which by definition does not change), the Personal Year changes every year and goes through a 9-year cycle.

Personal Year 1: The year of daring and risk-taking

Personal Year 1 begins a new adventure full of new projects, but also major upheavals that may challenge your very existence. You’ll face new challenges. Approach them with a positive attitude and see these changes as opportunities to be seized in order to achieve the spiritual and earthly comfort you seek. Determination and confidence will be your best allies as you embark on this new cycle of life. Numerology sees the first personal year as one of bold initiative and decision. This new beginning sounds the death knell for hesitation, regret and past failures.

A time of strength and courage, the first year is the ideal time to take matters into your own hands and give your all professionally. This is the time to launch your most ambitious projects. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone: the vibrations are in your favour and your colleagues will be receptive to your ideas. Promotion or advancement is very likely. If you’re considering a career change, a new job or an entrepreneurial adventure, now is the time !

Year one determines the next eight

The cycle of the personal years is disturbingly subtle. Things around you may seem as familiar as ever, but the fact remains that you’re on a completely new path. Year 1 marks the end of a 9-year period in your life. It comes at the right time, freeing you from the demons of a past that hasn’t always been easy. Whatever their nature, the negative experiences of the past had to take place for the new beginnings to make sense. The past is gone, and you must gradually free yourself from the resentments that gnaw at you, without denying them. Don’t cling to your beliefs, even if they have taken time to sink in. Year One is the year of the interrogative triptych: Where have you been? Where are you now? Where would you like to be?

The ‘one’ implies the ‘I’. You will relearn how to think about yourself and become fully aware of who you are. You’ll rediscover your individuality without sinking into selfishness. You’ll gain independence and autonomy and realise your potential. Your unique talents will become more apparent, so take the opportunity to stop suppressing them. During the first year of this new cycle you’ll be laying the foundations for the next eight years, which will unfold according to the choices you make. Realism, pragmatism and a touch of instinct will help you in this task.

Year 1: Tracking your addictions

The trap for those entering Personal Year 1 is to block introspective and individual effort with excessive altruism. Take responsibility for working on yourself, it’s a matter of self-fulfilment. You may need to consider freeing yourself from those who disapprove of your projects and those who try to manipulate you. If you lack the skills to achieve your goals, it may be time to start a learning process. Accept that you don’t have all the answers. This is the first step in developing yourself in all areas. Year One will teach you that confidence is also the ability to accept change as it happens. Use this new cycle to identify your dependencies and addictions. Visualise the freedom you’ll have when you get rid of them. In addition to a substance addiction, you may have an emotional addiction, a constant need to keep others dependent on you, a chronic need for approval or an intrusive habit. You may have managed to disguise your addictions until they are unrecognisable. To overcome them, find the emotional cause that makes these addictions essential to your earthly and spiritual balance and act accordingly.

Face your fears and do not bury your head in the sand. Only then will you seize the opportunity for renewal that Personal Year 1 offers. During this year you’ll learn that life is not a struggle, but a smooth, fluid journey carried by energy that moves, shifts and vibrates.

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