Life Path Number 6 in Numerology

You have a life path 6

In Greek mythology, Gaia is a primordial goddess identified as the Mother Goddess, the ultimate nurturer and the eternal source of unconditional love. She represents in all her glory the basis of the numerology of the 6 life paths.

The symbolism of this number is that of home, hearth, community, intense love relationships and deep compassion for others. Without further ado, let’s discover the different facets of the Life Path number 6.

Path 6 : Altruistic and sharing

People who follow path number 6 shine with a rare spirit of chivalry that is a lifesaver for those around them. Always ready to help, they keep a watchful eye on their home and community. They have a gift for appreciating the little things that really matter to others. As guardians of the universe in Eastern traditions, 6s prefer the cocoon of the family to the great outdoors. The 6’s purpose in life is fulfilled through others, especially those in need. While always willing to help others, the 6 doesn’t like to show off and prefers discretion. Altruistic and sharing, those who follow the path of the 6 may even neglect their own personal needs in their constant quest to help others. However, they must be careful not to be intrusive or risk their sincere approach being perceived as a sadistic impulse that feeds on the misfortune of others.

Numerology 6 : Spirituality

Religions are full of spiritual attributes associated with the number 6. In Buddhism, for example, 6 is a ‘perfect’ number that encompasses qualities such as giving to others, patience and wisdom. Hinduism has six virtues, including serenity, perseverance, concentration and faith. People who follow the path of number 6 are often deeply spiritual. Although they may not be destined to be leaders in their community, they have a good temperament and pursue their goals with zeal and determination. Numbers 6 are loyal “doers”, always supporting the causes they believe in.

Fate tends to be kind to 6s. Numerology tells us that the number 6 is the symbol of symmetry and harmony. The 6 has learnt the art of active listening and uses it to help whenever possible. This destiny number gives its bearer an irresistibly charismatic aura. If you confide in a 6, don’t be surprised if you tell them much more than you expected. 6s exude confidence, friendship and benevolence. They also give good advice.

The 6 shows a strong spiritual connection to the Divine Will and their karmic duties in this incarnation. Their challenge is to learn not to neglect themselves for the sake of others. It can easily become stressed, depressed or resentful: a sad fate when we know the full potential of its greatness.

Career opportunities along the life course 6

As a rule, people who follow the path of the number 6 find themselves in professions which are characterised by a certain “paternalism” and which involve a protective relationship. The 6 can fulfil their potential as a lawyer, doctor, nurse, defender of human or animal rights, teacher, etc. Because of their deep attachment to their values and beliefs, number 6s need to be surrounded by like-minded people. The life of a number six is not one of haste and hurry. There is a time and a place for everything, and everything comes to those who know how to wait. Although capable of carrying out several tasks at once, the number 6 is keen to apply himself and focus all his attention on what he’s doing.

Metaphysical Associations of the Life Path Number 6

Healing crystals : firestone or bloodstone, carnelian, citrine, fantasy jasper, labradorite, red jasper, red onyx, seraphinite, smoky quartz, obsidian… ;
Star sign : Venus ;
Star sign : Gemini ;
Number 6 in the Tarot : The number 6 is associated with lovers in the Major Arcana. The classic Tarot deck depicts Adam and Eve and the art of reaching out without touching. It also symbolises man’s ability to distinguish between good and evil. The 6 combines passion, romance and the ubiquity of Cornelian choices. Like trust, love has to be earned. At the top of the card, an angelic being flies in with outstretched hands, as if to bless the couple.

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