Astrology : All you need to know about the zodiac sign of Scorpio

If your date of birth falls between 24 October and 22 November, you are almost certainly a Scorpio. People born under this sign have rather complex personalities. Their primary planet is Pluto, which makes them charismatic and subtle. Scorpios are also ruled by Mars, which makes them bold and daring. Discover the character traits of the Scorpio and its compatibility with other signs.

Star sign Scorpio

Each sign is associated with one of the four elements: water, earth, fire and air. Scorpio is associated with the classic element of water, the other water signs being Cancer and Pisces. It is also a fixed sign, like Taurus, Leo and Aquarius. In fact, there are 3 types of zodiac signs: cardinal, fixed and mutable. Fixed signs are so called because they occur in the middle of a season. The natives of these signs generally have a clear character. The water sign Scorpio is rooted in the autumn season, which makes it reflective.

On the other hand, Scorpios generally have a powerful physical appearance, with a square face, sensual lips and strong features. Their favourite colours are red, black, white and yellow. They are associated with 3 main metals: magnesium, iron and silver. Their birthstones are black diamond, red garnet and yellow topaz. Scorpio flowers are mainly orchids, rhododendrons and geraniums.

Scorpio’s strengths and qualities

Scorpios are both passionate and driven. They put their heart and soul into everything they do and in all their relationships, whether with friends, lovers or professionals. In difficult situations, they show tenacity to move forward. They have integrity: they don’t know how to pretend, let alone lie. They are also idealistic and full of good feelings, which doesn’t stop them from being realistic.

Scorpios are good confidants and loyal people who never let their friends down. They have a strong intuition that allows them to guess a person’s flaws just by observing them. This strength makes them excellent negotiators. Scorpios are also protective and nurturing. Finally, they have a natural charm that’s hard to resist.

Scorpio’s weaknesses and faults

Scorpios have negative traits that can be detrimental to their love life. They are authoritarian, rebellious, non-conformist and possessive. They like to dominate those around them and often try to control their lives. At the same time, they hate being told what to do or being criticised. They can also be overbearing, aggressive and manipulative.

Scorpios distrust everyone. They are provocative and will seek out the little beast when they are bored. Very stubborn, they’ll do anything to get what they want. They are particularly vindictive and will not hesitate to take revenge if they are betrayed.

Compatibility of Scorpio with other signs of the zodiac

Emotionally, people born under the sign of Scorpio have a strong compatibility with the sign of Pisces. Scorpio is also attracted to the sensual side and sensitivity of Virgo. They also have a love compatibility with Libra. They may fall in love with another Scorpio, with whom they will have a great affinity.

On a friendship level, the signs compatible with Scorpios are Taurus, Cancer and Capricorn. Finally, Scorpios do not get on well with Aries, Gemini, Sagittarius and Aquarius.