Astrology : All you need to know about the zodiac sign of Leo

Leo people are born between 23 July and 22 August. They naturally attract attention, which is explained by the fact that they are ruled by the Sun. They are known to be very loyal and steadfast. They are courageous people with great physical strength. But they also have weaknesses, such as impulsiveness and vanity. Find out more about the character traits of people born under this sign and how they relate to their zodiac signs.

Introducing the zodiac sign of Leo

Linked to the classic element of fire, Leo joins the fire signs Aries and Sagittarius. It is also a fixed sign, like Taurus, Scorpio and Aquarius. In fact, there are 3 modes (cardinal, fixed and mutable) to characterise the zodiac signs. The fixed mode represents signs that are completely anchored in a season. The natives of these signs are more stubborn, even obstinate. Leo, the fire sign, is rooted in the summer season, which makes it flamboyant and charismatic.

Leo is also physically strong, with a tall stature, thick hair and long legs. Leo’s favourite colours are yellow, gold, white, ochre and shades of orange. The Lion is also associated with the metals gold and silver. Their birthstones are diamonds, citrine, coral and ruby. Its flowers are the sunflower and the small-flowered marigold.

Leo’s strengths and qualities

People born under the sign of Leo are smiling and optimistic. They know how to look on the bright side of whatever situation they find themselves in. They also have a sense of humour and know how to entertain those around them. The Lion is also a tenacious person with a mind of steel. Courageous, they know how to take hard knocks to achieve their goals. Another strength of this sign is that they have a zest for life, which makes them appreciate life’s small pleasures.

Leos are so generous that they can spend all their savings on pleasing those they love. They are sincere and honest. They’re also protective, always ready to stand by their loved ones when they’re going through a difficult time. They are also faithful in their relationships and do not forgive infidelity.

Leo’s weaknesses and faults

The negative side of Leo is its narcissism and braggadocio. Leo natives can have an inflated ego and be full of themselves. They will do anything to be admired, even worshipped, by others. At the same time, they believe they are better than others. They are also very authoritarian, even tyrannical. Attracted to luxury, they are materialistic and extravagant.

Lions are also hypocritical and impulsive. They get carried away with criticism, believing they are never wrong. They can also be very annoying, making embarrassing jokes just to get attention. Lions also lack tolerance and tend to look down on others. This flaw can prevent them from getting on well with their colleagues or superiors.

Compatibility of Leo with other signs of the zodiac

People born under the sign of Leo have a strong love compatibility with Gemini, Cancer, Libra, Sagittarius and Pisces. In fact, Gemini, Cancer and Pisces can make them very happy in love. Libra will be very attractive to Leo, and he will feel as if he’s known Sagittarius all his life.

Leo can make a beautiful couple with another Leo. Aries, Capricorn and Aquarius are all compatible signs. Leo also has an affinity with Scorpio.